Sheila Won a Prize at the Pony Show

It was a really big day for Sheila, her grandfather had been getting her ready for the horse show for a long time and when we got there, he and Mom had bought her a nice set of childrens horse riding clothes. She posed for all sorts of pictures and then we started to get her pony ready. Of course that is a big part of this sort of competition. It is not enough to do a good job of riding, you have to look good doing it. So we braided that little gray pony’s mane with ribbons. My Dad taught me how to do this a long time ago, but I had forgotten all of it to be honest. I do not think that he would have allowed me to do it at any rate. We did nothing to the pony’s tail, that would have been a bad idea. The thing holds it’s tail erect all of the time, as though it is always on stage. It is a beautiful effect and makes it perfect for the show ring.

Of course she was really excited when we got the pony unloaded. Dad usually would have taken his horses along to compete in the fox trot, but he was so focused on this that he did not pay this any mind. Some of the others were happy about this, he and Big Red would have likely been the favorite and that is a big deal at these shows. At any rate Sheila did everything really well and she ended up getting the first place trophy in the event. Of course there were only a few other children in the event and not all of them were really well equipped for the job. You have to have a lot of time to get ready.