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We Are Settled in Nashville

We hit town about two weeks ago, at first all of us were crashing in the living room of an apartment in Antioch TN, but we obviously needed a place of our own and a place to rehearse. We looked to see what it would cost to get us a couple of apartments in that place, but of course that is going to be a lot of money and they are not going to be crazy about it if we plug up the amps and start to play our music. Of course you can try to rehearse at a very low volume, but that is still going to be annoying to the average person, especially the drums and the bass player. So we found a little house out in the country. We can make as much noise as we like there and no one will care at all.

It is actually quite close to one of the big TVA reservoirs, I am not sure which one it is. However you can walk about two thirds of a mile through the woods. We figured this out when we see lots of local kids walking through the woods with tackle boxes and fishing rods. Of course we were not happy since not one of us had brought a hook or a line, much less a rod and reel. We were surprised that they let you use trotlines to fish here. You will see milk jugs floating in the lake and that means someone has a trotline out. They use them to fish for catfish here, but this lake must have all sorts of game fish in it. They sell them at this store along the way back into Nashville. We got some fish yesterday and cooked them out on the grill after I cleaned them.

I Pay Attention to the Entire Family when It Comes

When I showed up to an important meeting with no gift for our client, my boss pulled me aside and asks me why I had not thought about bringing any corporate gifts for the client. I was embarrassed. It was my first job that had anything to do with selling, and I didn’t realize it was something I should do. I was in the one put in charge of helping to land the client, and I feel like I failed by not doing even more research than I did. On the other hand, I really wish that my boss or someone else would have thought ahead of time to alert me to the important fact.

My boss is the president of the company. After the meeting, he took some time to discuss what I needed to do about gift giving. He explained that it is my job to really get to know my client. It is not enough to simply go in quickly for the sale. I need to put the other person or persons at ease and learn what they like. There are even times I try to find out what a client’s spouse or children like. If they mention their children like a certain video game, I will do whatever I can to also find out what type of video game they like. I might buy the chidren some tips and cheats books to give to their kids. People really are surprised when I do this for their children.

When it comes to a person’s wife, I typically buy something that both she and her husband, who is usually my client, something that they can both enjoy together. For example, if they like music, I may buy them some nice headphones or something that they can share. If they like food, then I might buy them a really nice food gift.

Our Culture Has Driven the Development of Baby Monitors

Technology has come a long way in just a few short years. I remember our first computer. It was over $2,000 and did not have the power of a basic and cheap tablet available today. The first baby monitors did not have good range and were susceptible to all kinds of interference. Now there are ones that transmit clear high resolution video along with audio. Some offer data encryption for securing the video, and you can even get models that pan, tilt and zoom. These are great to look for that subtle rise and fall of the torso for parents who only are happy when they see there baby breathing while sleeping. Hey, I do the same thing!

Fancy baby monitors are even good for keeping an eye on pets. Some monitors even come with sensor pads to monitor breathing and movement. The top quality ones could help parents worried about SIDS be able to get sleep. I have no problem in utilizing technology to keep people safer. If I had it my way, I would make safety technology freely available to everyone every where. We bought the best monitor for our baby that we could afford. It does have the sensor pads to monitor breathing. In thinking about monitors for babies, I was considering what, in our culture, had them become a necessity in the first place.

We have rooms in our homes for the individuals that live there. Most children get their own room as soon as they come home from being delivered. This separation of the baby from the mother does require them to then be checked on very frequently, and baby monitors are the easiest way to make that happen. Babies can get used to sleeping through the normal noises of daily life. We just think we need to sequester them into a quiet room behind a closed door. Some cultures have the children and adults all in the same room. So, our different way of living has driven the development of the baby monitor technology.

I Can Handle My Own Finances Now with Ease

I always did very poorly with math in school. I was simply no good at it. I was also lucky enough that I went to school at a time where kids in grade school were not forced to start on pre-algebra, like they are these days. I may not have been allowed to graduate, had that been the case! Now that I am an adult, I really needed some help when it comes to money, though. I had been looking at Quicken 2016 in the store, and I wondered if it would be something easy that I could handle or if I should go back to trying to watch everything by hand myself.

I had a number of ledgers where I tried to budget all my money. I wrote everything down in pencil because I made so many mistakes in both of them so often. I would sit down in a quiet room so that I could concentrate, and I always made sure to have my trusty calculator with me. I would double check my numbers and find that they were wrong. It was driving me crazy. I was very careful, or so I thought, but somehow, I often could not get my balance to match up properly.

Realizing that I needed to do something before I paid a bill incorrectly or applied a check to the wrong account, I finally understood that doing things by myself was not very smart. That is when I started doing a lot of looking around to see what kind of software might help. So many people talked about Quicken and how it had been around for more than a decade. People were saying that it is not something that you need a bookkeeping degree to use. So, I purchased it at my local store, and I found that I was able to start using it that same night easily.

Massaging Away the Hectic Day

Work can get pretty tough at a retail store, especially around the holidays. This past Thanksgiving, I had to go into work to attend to all of the early shoppers who wanted to get the Black Friday deals hours in advance. There was a line that wrapped all the way around the store, and when the shoppers entered the store, it turned into pure chaos. Shoppers were pulling and tugging at each other for items, and I even had to break up a couple of fights. In the end, I was sore, and only my Hitachi wand massager could give me any kind of comfort.

Although the night was terrible, at least I didn’t have to work the next day, so I could spend the whole day with my massager. I made myself a nice hot bath with lots of suds and soaked in it for about an hour. Then I dried off, made myself a big bowl of ice cream, sat upright in bed, and used the wand massager on my aching muscles, with the wand in one hand and the spoon in the other.

On my off days, I like to catch up on shows that I’ve missed. There is one crime drama that I love to watch, but I hadn’t really gotten to see the new episodes that have aired recently because of my work hours. I spent six hours watching nothing but the entire season of the show. After that, I went to sleep and didn’t wake up until noon the next day. I was feeling too lazy to do any cooking, so I went out for breakfast at an all day breakfast restaurant. Everyone else was out shopping, so the restaurant was empty. I ordered a large stack of pancakes and contemplated the next day of work.

Grab Some Affiliate Advertising Income for Yourself

Putting Amazon ads on your website can be an extra revenue stream. We refer to these types of things as streams, because you would have to have a huge amount of continuous traffic for it to be a revenue river. For my modest website, the Amazon affiliate income is a help. It is nice because of the limitations of ads on websites. Some only allow two or three insertions per page. If you have a longer reading article, it would be good to have maybe four or more banner ads scroll by while the person reads. Having Amazon and another service on the pages at the same time doubles your opportunity to generate income per page.

The brass ring is getting private ads. That is where companies pay you directly for advertising on your website. With no middleman, you get to keep all of the profits. However, you do need to have an advertising content management system in order to do proper billing. Programs such as the Amazon affiliate income advertising is all automatic since they keep track of it.

Ad services like this that track clicks and views are easy for novices to incorporate into use on their websites. The services even generate the html code you need to place onto your pages. If you use a content management system for your website, a plugin makes it even easier. You could have ads on your website active and generating income in a couple of hours.

The only real delay is waiting for a site to be approved by some services. You can get started then confirm the site is eligible after the fact. Ad revenue streams combined can really boost the income generated for any domain. The Internet works because of paid advertising. If you have a website, get some of that market share.

Eating Healthy is Easy and Inexpensive

When I first moved to Singapore, I was overwhelmed with how beautiful and simplistic everything was. I had moved there from London to attend university, and the pace was just so different. I learned a lot about myself my first month there, which was mainly finding out that I prefer a slower pace, because it allows me to enjoy myself a lot more. Something else I discovered were the organic shops in Singapore. People in Singapore tend to care for their health a lot more than what I have seen back home in London, and eating and using organic products is one of the reasons why they are able to be so healthy.

I was living in a small condo near the university when I first moved there. I wanted to see if there were any organic shops close to me. Of course, I had heard about organic foods before, but I had never really made them a staple in my daily life. If I was out with friends and they wanted to have an organic meal, I could always find something to have, but it was just an exception rather than the rule.

That all changed when I found an organic shop not far from me that also delivers, making it even more desirable. I looked through their website, and I was impressed not only with the variety of foods and products but also with the prices. I think one of the things that made me not want organic food before was the price, but that was not the case with this store. Their prices were kept low, making it very affordable for me. Now, I buy all of my breakfast foods and vegetables from them along with some snack items. I have never eaten this healthy on a regular basis before, and I have never felt this good either!

My Universal Laptop Charger is Built Tougher Than Me

I’m tough on things. I don’t really mean to be, I just am. I have broken my mobile, cracked the screen on a tablet and dropped my laptop right off my lap. I was working on an article and it slipped right off my lap when I dozed off. The computer was fine, but I bent the tip of the power adapter to the point it no longer worked. I had to buy a universal laptop charger. I found one that had ports to plug in USB power cords to charge other devices at the same time. It is built kind of tough too.

The adapter has thicker cables. They don’t look wimpy at all. I refer to it as my militarized power adapter. Looks like something they would use. I know products can be made tougher, but you usually have to pay a fortune for the extra armor. Think about it. When you buy a mobile, you know you better get a tough case for it. People I know that don’t skin up their devices with some kind of protection are usually replacing them before too long. I got a weather and shock resistant case for my mobile. It has saved it from breaking many a time.

I don’t think that even I will ever have a problem in breaking this universal laptop charger I bought. I also like that it has surge suppression built in. We might live in a modern age, but our power grid voltage spikes and browns out all of the time. When those likes flicker or go out, your electronic devices are probably taking a hit with some bad voltage. My new charger protects against that. It was a really good deal too. Now I am only wondering why they are not like the standard maker of power adapters for computers for the manufacturers.

I Got My Mom More Care when She Needed It

When your parent is told that they now have dementia, you might assume that they will just forget a few things here and there like I did. I knew little about it, and my mom’s doctor discussed her diagnoses while I sat in his office with her as she was hearing about it for the first time, my first thought was that it would not be a big deal. But elder care in Queens is something I have needed to get for mom in the years that have come since her doctor first told us about what she is afflicted with.

When this all first happened, my mother said she did not feel any different. And to me, an outside looking at her each day, she did not seem much different to me either. Sure, she would forget to pay a bill or lock her doors at times, but that was about it. That went on for years, so I would come over to check things out and fix whatever she had forgotten to do. It was no trouble at all for me to do.

This year, things changed. I took mom back to see the doctor because of how much she was changing. She no longer knew how to tie her own shoelaces. She was not even sure of how to turn the lights on and off in her house, and she often sat in the dark because she could not figure it out. We were told that this is a natural progression of the disease, and that she now needed more help than simply being checked on from time to time.

Knowing that I work full time and have a part time job on top of that, I felt that I could not keep up with what she needed. Even if she moved into my place, she would be without help all day long. So, hiring a helper who could show up each day on a schedule to be with her when I could not be there was the best thing for mom.

Getting My Mom the Help She Needs

When my mom started showing signs of dementia, we talked about what kind of care she would want as it progressed. She was adamant about not wanting to be in a home until it was absolutely necessary, and I could not agree more with her. I asked her to move in with me, and she agreed after we talked at length about it because she did not want to become a burden to me. She would never be that, no matter what! It helped that I had looked into dementia care in Brooklyn before asking her to come live with me, and that is what finally convinced her that this was a good move.

I am not married, nor do I have any children. I knew that my mom and I would both benefit from having her live with me. Her dementia was not at the point where she was a danger to herself at all. She was just forgetful at times, and she needed help with some basic things like preparing a meal on certain days. We agreed to give this company a chance, and we are both so glad that we did.

She has someone come in once a day. Sometimes they may stay for just an hour, but at times it will be longer. It just depends on what she needs done that day. I can go to work and not have to worry about what she is doing, if she has remembered to take her medication, and if she has eaten well that day. The caretakers who come in to help her with these things also keep her mind active with a lot of conversation, and I think that is probably the best part of having this company as part of her health care team. She is smiling more, and I don’t see the disease progressing any at all right now!

Downloading Movies and Games from Torrent

I am super frustrated with my computer right now, because it is not acting right, and it keeps crashing. I am not sure if I can get it to stay up long enough to backup all of the stuff that I have downloaded. But I have another computer, and so I want to get on extra torrent and try to start downloading some stuff, just in case my computer dies once and for all and I end up losing all of my stuff that I have on it.

I would be pretty upset if I lost everything, to be sure. I have had this computer for about four years, and as you can imagine, I have accumulated a lot of things on it that I would miss if they were gone forever. But luckily, I should be able to replace a lot of the stuff if I just download it again. It might take awhile, and I know that is probably going to be the case, but at least, I will be able to get it again.

I really don’t know what is going on with my computer though. I think it is kind of strange that it is acting up like this. I have never had a computer act this way before and I have had my share of computer problems in my life. I guess it might just be getting old, and there is a chance that the hard disk drives are starting to fail. If so, then there is an even lower chance that I will be able to recover all of the stuff that I have saved on this computer. Hopefully, that is not what is happening to it, but I kind of have a bad feeling about it and I think it might be what is going to happen.

Looking at the Cost of a Satellite System?

I am thinking about this in a very deliberate and measured way. It is pretty simple, I want to get the best deal that I can get and so I am not going to rush in to anything. Like for instance I am looking at sites like, but I am not taking the stuff that at face value though. I want to take a close look at what sort of deal I am getting and get a really solid idea of the bottom line. Of course the first question is what is the up front cost going to be. I am going to need three of the boxes that decode the signal, because I will want to connect the satellite system to three TV sets in three different rooms. I am thinking that I do not want to get the DVR system that you can get with Direct TV, I think that they call it the Genie or something like that and they make it look like it is really quite nice to have it.

Of course I do not like the system that I have now at all. It is basically quite overpriced and very underwhelming. My cable company seems to think the service that they provide is worth a good deal more than I think that it is worth. In truth it is difficult to figure out exactly what they are charging me for what though. I get the Internet and cable TV from them and they tack on all sorts of little charges . It is a bit ridiculous to look at the bill and not be really able to figure out what is what.They do not provide a bad internet service, but they charge way more for it than I want to pay for it.

Online Pharmacies That Deliver Quickly

I am not sure what I did to my shoulder but I sure messed it up. It has been bothering me for weeks, and I still do not have my full range of motion back. What is really troubling is that I do not remember anything that I could have done to make it hurt like this. It makes me wonder if it is some sort of repetitive stress injury. I have been browsing Apoteket online to look at different medicines that I might be able to order in order to help my shoulder to heal and just to feel better.

I am not sure if I am getting arthritis in my shoulder, but I sure hope that is not the case. Of all of the places I can think of that it would be unpleasant to get arthritis, I think that the shoulder is at the top of the list. That is not to say that I would want to get arthritis anywhere, because it sounds like it would not be any fun, regardless of which joint you had it on.

I want to get some sort of pain medication. I think if I had some pain medication in my system, that my shoulder would feel better, and I could use it better. But the way it feels right now, I just want to lay down and to not do anything. But that is not realistic, as I have things that i need to get done today. I actually have a list of things that I need to try to take care of. I doubt I will be able to get through the whole list, but i will do my best. My first thing on the list though, is to order some medicine online for my shoulder and I want to check that off.

Catching Problems Before They Break the Bank

Since you likely spend little time on the roof of your home, you may not realize that you need to contact any roofers in Bronx NY until you start seeing leaks or losing shingles. Learning to spot the signs that it’s time for a new roof will help you fix the problem before your home is seriously damaged. First, find a place where you can see your home’s roof, preferably from above. Take a pair of binoculars if you must go across the street. Consider climbing onto your neighbor’s roof – with permission, of course – to give yourself a good vantage point.

Once you can see your roof well, check for damaged flashing. This occurs when a new roof is not installed properly. It can also happen if an older roof starts to dry and crack, or if the structure of the home begins to settle. Next, inspect the roof for missing shingles. Shingles can fly off of your roof because they were not fastened properly by the roofing company that did the initial installation. However, the most common cause of this type of damage is a strong wind storm that blows some of the shingles off.

One sign that your roof is simply getting old is curling. When water is absorbed into wood or fiber-reinforced shake roofing, the edges start to curl away from the surface of your roof. This can allow leaks and also makes it more likely that the shingles will fly off during wind storms. If you live in a humid, warm climate, check for algae growth on your roof. Airborne algae can attach themselves to your roof and begin to grow. This is unsightly and can also lead to rotting and other problems down the road. If you notice any of these problems and are unsure about how to deal with them, contact a roofing company. While not all of these problems require a full roof replacement, you do not want to let them go too long and develop a serious issue or a leak that damages the ceiling in your home.

Spent the Morning at a Buddhist Temple

Spent the morning at a buddhist temple, although I am not quite sure if it is Buddhist shrine or a temple. I never quite figured it out. I would not really know the difference either way. At any rate my meeting got pushed for a t least a couple of days and so I had to find a way to kill time while I am waiting. I got a rental car from a place called Big Thumb car rental and I went on the tour. You can see the tiny thing here at their site, It is something that is made here in Malaysia apparently. I was not sure that I wanted it, but it was really cheap. In the local currency it was 80 RM (Malaysian Ringgits) and that comes out to less than 23 dollars when you convert the currency. In fact I came here at the perfect time.

The local money is pegged to the value of oil it seems and since Oil is trading at a five year low. I think it is still going down. So when the oil price goes down, so does the value of a currency which depends on the price of oil. So you could have a really nice vacation here for a very affordable price at this point in time. It seems as though the place is packed, but that is not a surprise. Penang is one of the biggest holiday destinations in this part of the world. The island has a lot of these temples and they are a great tourist site. It is hard to describe them, I guess they are a lot like Hindu temples, but I can not explain what they look like. So I am taking a lot of pictures to send back home.

We Use a Local Limo Service to Help Us with First Impressions

I run an up-and-coming marketing agency in New Jersey. It has always been my goal to run my own business, and I have been more than pleased with the fact that business is booming, and we are gaining new clients every day. I recently began working with a limousine service in Bergen County NJ so that we would have one at our disposal when we want to pick up important clients.

When I worked as an intern at a well known company long ago, I quickly realized just how important it is for clients to see that you do quality work. It is also important to recognize that first impressions matter as well. Employees need to look neatly groomed at all times, and this included their hair, nails, clothes and much more. Now that I run my own company, I always stress to my employees that they need to look their best at all times.

When we found ourselves needing to pick up a client who flew in to do work with us, one of my employees offered to go pick him up. When I asked her what type of car she would be using, she pointed out that she had a newer car but that the window was broken on the passenger side. She had covered the broken window with plastic as a temporary measure until she could get it fixed. This would just not do! As mentioned previously, first impressions matter.

My secretary suggested that I contact a limo company to go pick up our client. This was an excellent idea, and she began calling a number of them right away. We found one to our liking, and the price fits well into our budget. Our client was surprised that a limo came to pick him up, and I could also tell that he was very pleased about it as well. We will be working with this company from here on out.

Can You Really Save Money by Bundling Your Insurance?

I was watching a ball game the other evening and one of those insurance commercials came on. It was talking about how you can save money if you use Home Insurance and car insurance bundles. I really do not know, but I got to wondering. Can you really save money by bundling your insurance? It is not as though I ever really looked in to it. It seems as though the insurance companies would give you a much better deal on the theory that they are getting more of your money in the end. If they sell you all of the different types of insurance that you get, then they are perhaps assuming a great deal more risk, but I guess that they are spreading it around a bit more as well. I am not really sure how that works to tell the truth. I know that those guys have charts that they use to figure stuff out like rates.

That is why they can figure out what the other guys will charge you I guess. They know what they charge based on the charts and it is all relative. If you are a fifty year old guy in good health who does not smoke, then you get this rate. A younger guy in bad health might get a different rate and so on and so forth. At any rate you have to figure out what they will charge you and then figure out what you save based on that. Of course the type of car you have matters. A young guy with a fast car is a recipe for a really high insurance rate, because every one with any sense knows what a young man wants with a fast car. He is going to see how fast it is and it’s going to mean trouble.

Thinking About How to Invent Something Big

Obviously I am not thinking I am going to invent the Personal Computer or what comes after it, which is probably a computer that you embed in the person’s eye or something. We are probably headed towards some place where computers are both ubiquitous and so tiny as to be inconspicuous. I am thinking more about some type of accessory that goes with the modern electronic devices you see every place you turn. For instance I was looking at some gadget that is called a Selfie stick with remote. I suspect that I would not be caught dead using this thing in the public eye, but it is something that there is a market for and you do not need every dork in the world to buy one from you. You just need to get a good percentage of the people in the world who might use this thing. Of course I have no idea what sort of profit they make on it.

At any rate that is the sort of thing I am thinking about. Everyone has a smart phone with a camera and they all play music. You have several bilion people in this world and just about all of them with any money at all have a smart phone.The thing I was think about is a way that you could make a phone call in an emergency, even if the battery on your phone was dead. Of course they have those emergency radios that you can power with a hand crank. There is not much reason why you could not do the same thing with phone. Of course for it to work with any phone it would need to be able to plug in the same way that the ac adapter. That seems like a decent idea to me.

Working on the Truck’s New Electrical System

Working on the truck’s new electrical system. Of course the old one was what caused the fire and it was not much use after. There was no real damage to the car, but the electrical system was pretty much fried crisp. I had to go get all of the stuff to make it work, I went to this site and found the wiring diagrams. I knew that they had the triple air horns that we needed. I had replaced a couple of air horns on newer trucks. That was a big deal though, because you have to have a horn and it needs to be really loud. When you are driving a vehicle that is half as big as a house, you want people to hear your horn when you blow it.

Obviously a big dump truck like this is valuable enough so that you could spend a lot of time and money on it to get it back on the road, but this one is more of a sentimental thing. It belonged to my Dad and it was one of the first things we bought when we started up the business. So we are going to put a bit of money in making it into a big of a show piece. My Dad kept it in shining immaculate condition when he drove it. He was one of those people who always kept all of his vehicles completely clean. No one was ever allowed to eat or smoke in anything that he drove. In fact he would not buy a car if anyone had ever smoked a cigarette in it. He claimed that he had a very sensitive sense of smell and could not stand smoking. He was allergic to them it would seem or so he would say.

Storage Options at Store Friendly

I am in a situation where I am going to need to have temporary storage for a few months. I do not anticipate that the need for storage will last any longer than that, but it is something that I need pretty soon. I am kind of sensitive to the price of the storage, because I am not in the best financial situation currently. I am not going to get into those details right now though, because this is not the time, or the place, for such a discussion. Store Friendly sounds like it would be a good option for me to go through, for renting storage space.

I have heard of the company in the past, and after talking to some friends, I have found some people who have used them in the past. It seems that they are generally well regarded among the people that I have talked to, and that gives me some confidence, that they will be a good solution for my own storage needs.

I am mostly going to need to store furniture. But it is rather nice furniture, and it will be need to be kept in a well controlled environment, in order to ensure that it is protected. Some of it is old, and belonged to my grandparents. As such, it is my duty to make sure that it is stored in a suitable environment. I realize that such storage needs will cost a bit more, but I don’t have any other choice. It can’t be left in a situation where the climate is not controlled, and it is as simple as that. I am worried about how much space it is going to take to store this furniture. I hope to figure out a good way to stack it into a relatively small space.

The Rising Success in Singapore

POLITICAL MARKETING SIG AT UNIVERSITY OF CHESTERArriving in Singapore three months ago, I thought I was going to have the most horrible time making a transition to here from the United States. As the lead on the current project which our company has decided to HQ here, I recognize an opportunity to better myself and jumped at the chance to move when they asked a core group of us whether we would be interested or not. At the same time, I even signed up for part time degree courses in Singapore with the goal to improve my current skill base while at the same time becoming more familiar with Singapore and the people who live here.

Great Websites for Buying Cheap Xanax

I have a great need for having a supply of Xanax in my life. I know that it helps me a lot when it comes to functioning in social settings. I am a person with a personality type that is prone to excessive bouts of anxiety. I am not sure what all sorts of anxiety issues I have, but I know that they are immense. That is why I would like to try to get xanax in the near future, because I really think that it could help me to deal with my life better, and to be a more productive person in general.

The reason that I know Xanax helps me out a lot, is that when I was younger, and getting my driver’s license, I used it to help to pass the driving test. The first two times I took the test, I failed the test, mostly due to the fact that I was paralyzed by anxiety while driving. One of the instructors noticed my extreme degree of anxiety, and pretty much failed me just on the basis of my visible discomfort with the situation; she said that she did not feel comfortable letting a person as nervous as I was behind a wheel. I guess that I can see her point of view, but it did not seem a very compassionate thing to say at the time.

Anyway, one of my friends gave me half of a Xanax pill before I tried to take the driver’s license test for the third time, and this time, I did not have any problems during the test. I passed the test without making any mistakes, and did not appear to be that nervous. Basically, I would say that taking that pill is the reason I was able to get my license.

I Need to Know How to Get Him Back into My Life

Relationship Moments - Dating, Relationship, Marriage, ParentingMom told me from the time of my first boyfriend who went on to hold hands with another girl in kindergarten that sometimes you just need to move on. I heard the other things too such as not crying over spilled milk, and water under the bridge. I got the metaphors, but they really did not solve anything in a practical manner. Now that I have an ex that I can’t stop thinking about, I want to know how to get him back.

It was me who pushed him away. I was scared because he got really serious. I have a history of having boyfriends who have made promises to me who ended up getting cold feet or just outright changing their minds. Now I get a guy who is wonderful, and he tells me he loves me and means it. I could not process that right away. He was ready to move ahead toward marriage, and I was still stuck on the part that he really does love me.

That was when I started playing the “what if” game.