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Sheila Won a Prize at the Pony Show

It was a really big day for Sheila, her grandfather had been getting her ready for the horse show for a long time and when we got there, he and Mom had bought her a nice set of childrens horse riding clothes. She posed for all sorts of pictures and then we started to get her pony ready. Of course that is a big part of this sort of competition. It is not enough to do a good job of riding, you have to look good doing it. So we braided that little gray pony’s mane with ribbons. My Dad taught me how to do this a long time ago, but I had forgotten all of it to be honest. I do not think that he would have allowed me to do it at any rate. We did nothing to the pony’s tail, that would have been a bad idea. The thing holds it’s tail erect all of the time, as though it is always on stage. It is a beautiful effect and makes it perfect for the show ring.

Of course she was really excited when we got the pony unloaded. Dad usually would have taken his horses along to compete in the fox trot, but he was so focused on this that he did not pay this any mind. Some of the others were happy about this, he and Big Red would have likely been the favorite and that is a big deal at these shows. At any rate Sheila did everything really well and she ended up getting the first place trophy in the event. Of course there were only a few other children in the event and not all of them were really well equipped for the job. You have to have a lot of time to get ready.

Adding a New Ladder to My Office Building

I noticed that the building across the street from me just installed a fixed access ladder. It was really smart move if you ask me, because I’ve seen maintenance workers access the roof many times. In the past they would extend a very tall, temporary ladder. That made me a little nervous because there were no safety mechanisms in place. They would simply lean the latter against the building, and start to climb. Now that they’ve installed this new ladder, I feel much better about their safety, as well as the safety of anyone who may have walked under or near the old ladder system.

Ever since that new ladder system was installed, I’ve been thinking about adding a similar fixed access ladder to my building. We don’t need to access the roof is very often, but knowing that it’s there in case of an emergency or in case the need for fast access arises, it will give me peace of mind knowing that we are prepared. The size of my building is different than my neighbors, but it’s my understanding that these letters can be custom-made to my specifications. Depending on my needs, the ladder can be built out of several different materials.

When I told my landlord that I was thinking about having a ladder installed, he was a little apprehensive about how it would look on the outside. I assured him that the type of material that would be used would allow the ladder to be painted to match the color of the building. That was all he needed to hear before granting approval. He believes safety is really important, so of course he didn’t object to my idea. The great thing is, not only will the latter be of use to me, but when I vacate the building, future tenants will be able to use this new safety system.

It Has Been Nice Making Changes in My Life

Going through a divorce was one of the toughest things that I have ever gone through. I know that other people go through far tougher things, though. For example, I do still have my health, and I am grateful for that. But divorce was my first initiation into the world of rough things, so it was a big deal. But I have been slowly getting on my feet again. I took two painting classes, I joined a singles group, I bought sex toys for the fun of it, and I even joined a hiking group.

I am not looking to start dating any time soon. I know that a lot of people rush out to start dating right away when they leave a relationship. But I have learned by watching other people who jump into yet a new relationship right away, that it is a good thing to take your time. I want to gather my bearings and think about where I am headed in life first. I want to figure myself out much more thoroughly first. When you are in a relationship with someone, you must spend time focusing on that other person, which does not leave much time for introspection. This is very much true in the beginning of a new relationship where you need to focus more on that person that you will further down the road when you are more comfortable and settled.

I am meeting a lot of new people thanks to the activities that I have been partaking in. When I was married, I really did not have the freedom to go out and meet new people because I was busy cooking dinner for the two of us, cleaning up his messes and things like that. But I am really enjoying being on my own and being able to make my own decisions!

Getting the House Ready for Sale

I have inherited a house from one of my great uncles. He always liked me a lot and his own son died about six or seven years ago. He liked to drive excessively fast and he was reckless about it, so no one was terribly surprised to hear that he had crashed his car on the M1. The house is not extremely large, but it is in a very nice location. I need to find some company to do carpet cleaning in Birmingham. Maybe I will look at Uncle Leo had a very nice set of carpets put in this house about ten years ago. I remember him telling me about at my grandfather’s birthday party back in 2005. They are still relatively nice, but they have not been professionally cleaned in a very long time. I figure that I need to do sensible things that will increase the value of the house when I put it up for sale, That means that you have to only put money in the place if you are pretty sure you will get it back on the other end of the deal. The house itself is perhaps worth less than the land that is beneath it. I have already gotten an offer on the place. I am pretty sure that the person I was talking to was a representative of one of the neighbors. Both of them have very nice houses and I suspect that the two of them would be happy to just have this house leveled. They would obviously want to control the piece of land it is on, most probably to be sure that nothing was built on it. Of course I am interested in selling the house or the land for the best price that I can get for it. I suppose the house could be moved in fact.

I Can’t Believe the Great Speed I Was Missing for So Long

I am a little embarrassed to say that in today’s times, I still had dialup service up until 2 months ago. The main reason for this is because so many companies do not offer faster Internet to areas where the towns are small and there are a lot of mountains. It is quite frustrating, especially when it country people want to be able to surf easily, too. Everyone needs access to the vast amounts of info online. Then, two months ago, I received a flier in the mail for DSL from Frontier and I had never heard of them before. I was not even sure what DSL was, but I know that I hoped that it was much better than dial-up.

When I called the number on the flier, I ended up speaking to a really nice rep who did not laugh when I told her that I still have to use an old modem to get online. She was a little on the young side, so she said she never had to deal with using a telephone line to call into a provider just to get that really slow service that I was getting. She is so lucky that she didn’t! She explained to me what their faster service entailed. When I asked her to give me an example of how long it takes for a website to load with their service, she mentioned that it is pretty much instantaneous. Wow! That is nothing like what I had been dealing with for years.

I asked the rep when their service would be in my area, and she said they already started installing it in many of the city’s resident’s homes who wanted it. After finding out the pricing, I immediately told her that I wanted to sign up. She made an appointment with an installer who came out within only 24 hours. Boy, what a difference this fast Internet makes!

There Were Bed Bugs in Our House

When my son showed me his arms a few weeks ago, I was puzzled as to what was on them. He had a straight line of tiny red bumps on each arm. It almost looked like bite marks, but I didn’t know of any insect that left a bite pattern like that. I went online to see if I could find out what was happening with him, and I quickly found out that they were bed bug bites. My very next search was for a company that does bed bug removal in NYC.

I looked at Standard Pest first because they have an extensive section on bed bugs. I have heard of these tiny creatures before, but I couldn’t have told anyone a single fact about them. It was almost as if they were a mythical insect or something, but I found out that they are very real. I was able to get a lot of information from this website, which had me looking for other signs of infestation. After looking closely at my son’s bed linens, I was able to see the dark spots I had been alerted to, which are just their waste material.

That is enough to gross anyone out! I was going to launder his linens, but he asked me to please just throw them away. He had outgrown the superhero theme anyway, so I did that. I bought him new linens after the pest control company came out and treated his bedroom as well as the other rooms of the house. It did not take them very long at all, and they assured me that the bed bugs would soon be a thing of the past. They did come out again to retreat everywhere, and we have not had any sightings or bites since then. I hope that I never have to deal with bed bugs again!

Tree Pruning for Safer Trees and Preventing Property Damage

Winter is coming whether you want it to or not. This year’s spring and summer seasons started out cold for most parts of the country. The summer did not have much in the way of those hot days. Then in late August it dried up and stayed hot. There were 90 degree days in September up in the Northeast! Plants took a big hit with the lack of rain. This leaves a lot of limbs on trees needing felled before winter. We called a company that does tree pruning in Asheville NC to come out and trim our trees.

We know that the fall and winter is going to bring some bad weather. We also know that is when a lot of those limbs that are dead are going to come down. If not during the winter storms and winds, then they will come down during the spring. Here in North Carolina we still have some time to go for the active hurricane season too. I am proactive about things rather than being reactive. Let me tell you what the difference is when it comes to tree problems.

My neighbor tells me that is what he has insurance for when I mentioned trimming back the trees to prevent limb and tree falls. That does not even make sense to me. Trees look better when they are pruned, and they are safer. Our trees get pruned, and one that was in bad shape was cut down. He had a tall straggly tree on his property that had a large limb break off in a wind storm. It fell and smashed a section of fence. The repair cost was just over a grand. He had a $500 deductible on his insurance, and he had the inconvenience of not being able to let his dogs out because of the fence damage. We get our trees pruned and do not have any problems.

Started Getting Ready for the Season

The truth is that I sort of have this job as a ringer for the company basketball team. You would think they would get a taller ringer, but they already have enough guys who are tall it seems. They do not have anyone who can run the team, or for that matter drible all that well. The boss hired me after he talked to a guy I know who is a personal trainer. This guy seriously has a certificate from the He wanted to hire him, but this guy never wants to be in an office building. he absolutely hates that sort of thing. I can not say that it is my favorite thing in the world to be honest about it, but I am right out of college and I needed a job very much like the one that they offered me. It is the sort of thing that is a really good stepping stone for me, although as a short term move it is not all that awesome.

It is a lot better than having no job at all and I sort of have a bit of prestige. In the office I am the lowest guy on the totem pole, or pretty close to it if I am not. On the practice floor I am in charge. It is not like it is easy to install an offense that they can run, but I have simplified the one that my coach taught me in high school. In High School I had to learn the offense better than everyone else or I could not have gotten to play very much. In this game I never come out. It is pretty much impossible for the rest of them to operate at a high level without someone to control things.

Spent the Day at the Track

I sort of spent the day living a bit like the rich folks, this friend of mine has invested in a couple of race horses. He came into a good bit of money and decided to have some fun with some of it. So he bought a share in a couple of colts, one of them finally got to the point where it is ready to race today. Of course you probably never think about how dangerous it is to be in a horse race if you are like me and you have never seen it happen up close. Of course just getting the horse into that starting gate can be dangerous, especially if you are not really careful. All of those guys are really nervous trying to get those horses in those boxes, especially the ones who do not want to go. It is not so easy to get a horse that must weigh a half of a ton to do some stuff that it is not wanting to do.

These horses were all young, most of them had probably never run a race before. Obviously they all know how to run, but they are not used to all of the stuff that comes along with the race, all of the thousands of people. It takes a pretty good while to get them ready, especially if there are a few of them that do not want to go along. In this case they had to take three of the horses back out and load up the others. After they got it started there was a great big pile up at the start of the race, apparently every one of the riders was trying to get out in front before they hit that first turn, which I am sure is best.