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Spent the Morning at a Buddhist Temple

Spent the morning at a buddhist temple, although I am not quite sure if it is Buddhist shrine or a temple. I never quite figured it out. I would not really know the difference either way. At any rate my meeting got pushed for a t least a couple of days and so I had to find a way to kill time while I am waiting. I got a rental car from a place called Big Thumb car rental and I went on the tour. You can see the tiny thing here at their site, http://bigthumbcarrental.my/. It is something that is made here in Malaysia apparently. I was not sure that I wanted it, but it was really cheap. In the local currency it was 80 RM (Malaysian Ringgits) and that comes out to less than 23 dollars when you convert the currency. In fact I came here at the perfect time.

The local money is pegged to the value of oil it seems and since Oil is trading at a five year low. I think it is still going down. So when the oil price goes down, so does the value of a currency which depends on the price of oil. So you could have a really nice vacation here for a very affordable price at this point in time. It seems as though the place is packed, but that is not a surprise. Penang is one of the biggest holiday destinations in this part of the world. The island has a lot of these temples and they are a great tourist site. It is hard to describe them, I guess they are a lot like Hindu temples, but I can not explain what they look like. So I am taking a lot of pictures to send back home.