Monthly Archives: October 2014

Thinking About How to Invent Something Big

Obviously I am not thinking I am going to invent the Personal Computer or what comes after it, which is probably a computer that you embed in the person’s eye or something. We are probably headed towards some place where computers are both ubiquitous and so tiny as to be inconspicuous. I am thinking more about some type of accessory that goes with the modern electronic devices you see every place you turn. For instance I was looking at some gadget that is called a Selfie stick with remote. I suspect that I would not be caught dead using this thing in the public eye, but it is something that there is a market for and you do not need every dork in the world to buy one from you. You just need to get a good percentage of the people in the world who might use this thing. Of course I have no idea what sort of profit they make on it.

At any rate that is the sort of thing I am thinking about. Everyone has a smart phone with a camera and they all play music. You have several bilion people in this world and just about all of them with any money at all have a smart phone.The thing I was think about is a way that you could make a phone call in an emergency, even if the battery on your phone was dead. Of course they have those emergency radios that you can power with a hand crank. There is not much reason why you could not do the same thing with phone. Of course for it to work with any phone it would need to be able to plug in the same way that the ac adapter. That seems like a decent idea to me.