Monthly Archives: September 2014

Working on the Truck’s New Electrical System

Working on the truck’s new electrical system. Of course the old one was what caused the fire and it was not much use after. There was no real damage to the car, but the electrical system was pretty much fried crisp. I had to go get all of the stuff to make it work, I went to this site and found the wiring diagrams. I knew that they had the triple air horns that we needed. I had replaced a couple of air horns on newer trucks. That was a big deal though, because you have to have a horn and it needs to be really loud. When you are driving a vehicle that is half as big as a house, you want people to hear your horn when you blow it.

Obviously a big dump truck like this is valuable enough so that you could spend a lot of time and money on it to get it back on the road, but this one is more of a sentimental thing. It belonged to my Dad and it was one of the first things we bought when we started up the business. So we are going to put a bit of money in making it into a big of a show piece. My Dad kept it in shining immaculate condition when he drove it. He was one of those people who always kept all of his vehicles completely clean. No one was ever allowed to eat or smoke in anything that he drove. In fact he would not buy a car if anyone had ever smoked a cigarette in it. He claimed that he had a very sensitive sense of smell and could not stand smoking. He was allergic to them it would seem or so he would say.