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The Way to Healthy Living – Dr. Simring’s Take

Eating healthy has always been one of the strongest mottos in dr alexander simring’s life. Equipped with a degree in gastroenterology from the prestigious college of New South Wales, he believes that the key to fighting all types of stomach diseases is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and exercising with a scheduled routine. This diet should be accepted by a dietician and should be followed strictly to show immediate results. He advises this to all of his patients and has yet to show negative results.

A vegan diet is advised by Dr. Simring as he believes that it contains all the necessary ingredients to improve a person’s life. Along with a proper diet, the person should meditate to achieve his maximum production capacity. When a person has his goals and aims in place, the only thing obstructing him is a lazy attitude. The best way to get rid that is by dieting, exercising and meditating for a significant period of time everyday. It helps to improve the concentration of the person and helps him to focus his mind without any divergence from a particular goal.

At the age of 40, Dr Simring has successfully adapted these principles to his life. He believes that even in the busy profession of medicine, one should find the time to take care of himself and perform the rituals that are dear to him. He never lost track of his passion and still enjoys playing the cello to make his mind free of mundane tensions. Spending time with his family is a must for him. He has tried his hand at sports too. His latest venture into sports is a program called “Crossfit” which he thoroughly enjoys! Cooking, meditation, cello, sports and running are a few of the pastimes he occupies himself with! Forty is a ripe age and he believes the best is yet to come!